Partial Pressures and Mole Fractions of Ethanol and Chloroform Solution

A solution of ethanol (E) and chloroform (C) at 45oC with xE = 0.9900 has a vapor pressure of 177.95 torr. The vapor pressure of pure E at 45oC is 172.76 torr.

a) Find the partial pressures of the gases in equilibrium with the solution.
b) Find the mole fractions in the vapor phase.
c) Predict the vapor pressure and vapor-phase mole fractions at 45oC for a chloroform/ethanol solution with xE = 0.9800.

a) This solution is almost ideal, so we can use Raoult’s law in order to find partial vapor pressure of each component above solution.
Partial vapor pressure of ethanol is given by:


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