Entropy of Monatomic and Diatomic Ideal Gases

Problem 1: Calculate entropy S for 1.000 mole of the following ideal gases at 1.000 atm and 298K, and compare to the experimentally observed values:
(a) He (exp. value=15.16R)
(b) Kr (exp. value=19.72R)
(c) H2 (exp. value=15.65R) Θrot = 85.30K, Θvib = 6215K
(d) HBr (exp. value=23.85R) Θrot = 12.02K, Θvib = 3787K

Problem 2: Calculate entropy of CO2 at 298K and 1 atm pressure using Θrot = 0.561K and Θvib,j = 3360, 954, 954 and 1890K.

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