Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Leanard-Jones Fluid

Molecular dynamics simulation of Lennard-Jones fluid in Canonical ensemble using velocity verlet integrator, carried out in Fortran 90 programming language in order to obtain radial distribution function, virial, and diffusivity of the fluid.

A system with constant number of particles, volume, and temperature can be described by the canonical ensemble (N, V, T ).

With this project canonical ensemble of the pure monatomic fluid is studied, where the interacting potential energy of the fluid is described by the Lennard-Jones potential. By applying velocity verlet integration method to this system, its thermodynamic parameters are calculated.

By purchasing this project you will get simulation code (A Fortran 90 project for simulation of Lennard-Jones fluid in (N, V, T )-constant ensemble with velocity verlet molecular dynamics method.), and Report containing theoretical study of Lennard-Jones fluid, velocity verlet integrator, long-range corrections; along with the results of simulation. I can also support you with compiling and running the program, and any possible question you may have.

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